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Hiring Carpet Cleaners? Consider These Factors First

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What should you be looking for in a professional carpet cleaning business? This is a hard question for many consumers to navigate, as there are many choices out there. Consider the following questions before choosing a professional carpet cleaning team.

  • What does their estimate include? - Does their initial quote include all aspects of the service they're offering? - Some people look at prices and can get confused as to why some cleaners charge $95 and others will charge as high as $200 for the same Job. Many factors impact the final cost of services, and consumers should be aware of the differences. Some budget cleaners are using a low price to gain access to your home and then start recommending upcharges; pressuring you to give permission for add-ons. Reputable companies quote all the job to include vacuuming, basic stain removal, pre-spray, agitation, PH rinse and grooming.
  • How are technicians trained? - Does the company you are choosing effectively train their technicians? Budget cleaners generally are not trained or certified by legitimate institutions that ensure consumers’ safety. There are courses available for most situations cleaners will face. Basic carpet cleaning, upholstery, stain removal, to name a few. Check a company's website for any credentials they've listed to ensure that they're qualified to care for your carpeting. You can also call local teams and ask them directly about their training practices. If a carpet cleaning team's employees train each other with no objective measures of their skill level, this might be a warning sign to go with another option.
  • How does a company present themselves? - Do they look like they are part of a business or guy doing a “side gig”? Service providers should arrive on time be in a branded uniform, clean and presentable. Company vehicles and equipment should be clean and well-functioning. Technicians should also arrive will all essential tools to perform the service you've requested - including those they'd only need if unexpected difficulties arise.
  • Do they understand the chemistry involved in cleaning? - What chemicals and or solutions are technicians bringing into your home? Budget cleaners generally do not use the most current chemicals available and have a one-size-fits-all mentality. However, each home is different and requires different chemical solutions to clean and provide a safe outcome. Good cleaners use the latest product available and understand what type of carpets they are cleaning and what solutions are safe and clean best. They also can meet special needs such as no fragrances and plant-based cleaners.
  • Are they insured with some type of guarantee? - Even the best technicians can have problems arise during services. All companies should carry adequate insurance to cover any potential damages caused by unexpected difficulties.
  • How well do they communicate? - Does the company have a business system(s) to keep you informed updated on the status of their job?
  • Do they take credit cards? - If not, what forms of payment do they accept?
  • Are they informative? - Can they explain the process in understandable terms, and answer any questions you may have?
  • Are they friendly and respectful? - There's no excuse for being rude to customers.
  • Are they thorough? - Do they do a thorough inspection, or do they appear to be in a rush?

Above all else - good cleaners get your carpet clean! If you're looking for service providers in Cheyenne that surpass all of the standards we've listed, call Service First Carpet Cleaning & Restoration for a free estimate on carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, and related local services. Contact our team to learn more about the residential and commercial cleaning services we offer throughout our local community.

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