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Simplify Maintenance provides homeowners peace of mind by providing proactive, preventative maintenance services. We provide dependable home care on a regular, consistent schedule that increases the comfort and safety of your home, reduces costs, frees up leisure time and takes some of the worry out of home ownership.

The average American spends 42 hours per month and $3,018 a year on home maintenance, according to surveys conducted by the home services website, Angi. State Farm, American Family Insurance and Wells Fargo, recommend homeowners budget 1-4% of their homes’ value for routine yearly maintenance and setting aside additional amounts for the replacement of large ticket items like roofing, windows, hot water, and HVAC system.

For most people, their homes are a major investment, and they want to make sure they are maintained, comfortable and safe. But many homeowners have time and other constraints which make home maintenance and minor repairs a challenge. Our Simplify Program is the perfect answer for busy professionals, folks recovering from surgery or injury, and homeowners who no longer desire to use their free time on maintenance/repairs. Our Simplify program is also a great fit for seniors, who prefer living in their own home but find maintenance and repairs overwhelming and even dangerous. Our flexible routine maintenance plans are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of homeowners.

The Simplify Property Care Team can provide routine home maintenance monthly, or quarterly and homeowners can even customize a list of specialized services/ inspections they’d like performed based on individual needs and unique household requirements. While checking regular maintenance points, our Property Care Team technicians can also attend to minor repairs, like beeping smoke detectors, drippy faucets, loose screws, or a broken towel rod.

We’ve all heard the famous quote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, by Benjamin Franklin, but there are few places more applicable for that quote than home maintenance. The insurance firm Hippo surveyed approximately 1,000 homeowners. Of those respondents who had something major go wrong in their home last year, 65% said they could have prevented it with proactive maintenance.

Large scale repairs or replacements are costly and when a critical system breaks down, it is a major inconvenience and potentially dangerous. Proper preventative maintenance can save thousands of dollars in the long run by keeping appliances running efficiently and effectively as well as addressing minor household repairs that can lead to major structural issues. Simplify’ s consistent schedule of routine maintenance is the “an ounce of prevention” that provides the proper preventative care your home needs and deserves.

Simplify is part of a family-owned, family-oriented company that focuses on customer satisfaction, friendly service, and quality work. The foremost goal of our Simplify Property Care Team is to provide customers with the home help they need to live comfortably and safely in their homes.

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