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Filtration Soiling


You may have seen those black strips on carpet against walls or under doors. Better known as “filtration soiling,” these lines occur when air passes through the carpet as it attempts to get through the crack between the carpet and the baseboard or under a door. As the air passes through the edge of the carpet fiber, the sediments are deposited there. This process is gradual and only noticeable over a significant period and after the buildup has already occurred.

Can It Be Removed?

Yes, but the process can be quite challeging. The soil is so fine that it penetrates deep into the carpet fibers and sometimes even into the carpet backing. Our deep cleaning process removes a tremendous amount of dirt and grime but unfortunately will no remove this fine, fine soil very well. So, removal requires additional time, effort, and special treatment with other products. Usually, reasonable improvement can be made on most carpets.

What Can I Do?

To prevent these lines, it is best to vacuum and wipe those edges on a regular basis. Changing your air filter monthly will reduce the appearance and buildup of these lines. If you already have filtration soiling built up around your house, call Service First Carpet Cleaning and Restoration to remove these lines.

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