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Carpet Deodorizing and Carpet Pet Odor Decontamination


There are a lot of carpet odors that need deodorizing: smoke, musty scents, and "those smells" from our four-legged friends. Service First Carpet Cleaning and Restoration can eliminate most of these extremely unwelcome odors and stains.

Handling stain and odor removal requires returning the carpet material to its original state, and that often requires more than just washing. Pet urine causes permanent damage to your floors and fabrics and creates an unhealthy indoor environment if not properly removed. When urine dries, a yellow, brown stain appears. This is because the urine reacts with oxygen and the carpet creating a permanent color change and possible bleaching of the carpet if not removed swiftly. We apply a specially designed topical enzyme to the stains to break down the urine lodged in the carpet. Next, we utilize our professional hot water extraction method to remove the odor, urine crystals and bacteria. Depending on the stain, bleaching of the carpet may have already occurred, creating a permanent stain. If this is the case, our professional technicians can discuss options with you regarding resolution of the bleaching.

Other types of odors and stains can be just as concerning as pet smells and we have specialized, professional cleaning products to address these as well.

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